Thank You

Larry Stratton

My father-in-law - Any surface of the hospital exists because he made it so. That’s right, from moving 12 foot sheet rock on his OWN to building walls, to keeping us on task, to being a tie breaker in design ideas. If it looks good, thank Larry. My father-in-law basically stopped his retirement to come do construction work in a cold building. Thank you for generations to come, we could NOT be where we are today without his help. Thank you.

Kim Stratton

A busy mom of two, she has made time to come and help do all of the things… painting, insulation, building kennels! What can I say? Thank you.


My mom - even though you are far, your emotional support has kept me going. Thank you.

Maria Montalvo

Maria has been helping taking care of our family because she cares for our kids when we are not home. So much progress gets done because we know we can trust her with our kids. Thank you.

Tim from Saxton Electric

Not only did Tim bring light to the situation, he has brought humor, ideas, and support. Thank you. (John and Brian, we didn’t forget you, thank you).

Brian and Tawnya from Auburn Zoning Office

For helping us through this process. Thank you.

Instinct EMR

For being so cooperative with our timeline and adjustments. Thank you.

Brian Stratton

My husband - Did he know he would build me a hospital when we met? No, but being one of the best builders meant that he had no choice when this project came along! In addition to just being great at what he does on the job site, he is a great father and husband. Thank you.

Tim Stratton

Maybe it’s because he could yell at his brother (Larry) while they worked, but the drywall didn’t put itself up! Thank you.

Ruby and Beatriz

My sisters - again, although you are far, I know that I can count on you. Thank you.

Patty O’Brien from Howard Hanna Real Estate

For helping us find this awesome building and for your continued support. Thank you.

Sam Giacona

 Thank you for helping us with the variance application so that we could open this hospital. Thank you.

Jon and Julie Patterson, Scott McNabb, and Grace Shipman and family

For your support, help, and work. Thank you.

Dr. Holly Reid

For helping, listening, and supporting us through this process. Thank you.

The Crew

Lastly, my crew that’s eager to start this process with me. Thank you for hanging on through all of the ups and downs this project has gone through. I can’t wait to see it in action. (Check them out on the Our Team page). Thank you.

Sebastian, Sequoia and Oliver

My kids - Thank you for being the inspiration for life! (Thank you, reader, for putting up with all of the pictures with kids, they truly are the reason for doing this, and it also shows the evolution of the building). Thank you.

Mitch and Tracy Smith and family

A two hour one-way trip to help put down floors, paint, move heavy things, and complete complicated systems? Yup. They did that! Thank you.

Dr. Harbinder Randhawa

My original mentor. Who supports and has supported me in all of the projects, always has something positive to say, and believes that I can do it. Thank you.

John, Bill, and Dustin from JCCM plumbing

We literally could not work without water or heat.  You have an excellent crew, thanks for making it happen! Thank you.

Auburn Zoning Board

For your support of this idea. Thank you.

Patterson Veterinary Supply

For helping supply our practice equipment. Thank you.

Dr. Mariko Soto and Trevor Lofthouse

A special thanks to you. You have encouraged, supported, built and re-built walls and given great ideas. We could not be where we are without you guys. Thank you.

Thank you.